Prices      Terms of Trading

The fixed price for your website is € 295,-

This includes:

  • The preparation of your website based upon existing templates or a simple CMS. 
  • up to 10 individual pages (including those necessary to fulfill legal requirements)
  • Optimisation of your photographs
  • uploading all files to the internet

Are there additional costs ?

In most cases the answer would be a definite "no", but sadly there is  no single answer to that question.  The completion of some sites to your requirements may require individual work other than that detailed above. This will of course create extra costs. Perhaps it's best explained thus. 

For €295 we create, set up and install your website, based upon you providing texts and photographs. These are the one-time costs. Afterwards your site needs to be uploaded to your web space on the internet. If you don't have your own web space the site will need to be "hosted", i.e. located on somebody elses web space. Either we can host the site for you (which has obvious advantages), or we are equally happy to advise you about hosting contracts with reliable providers. 

If we host your website there is an annual charge of €75,- for the use of the space and the administration of your domain name, payable every 2 years in advance. 

Are there other optional charges ?         

There are many options availabe to improve the impact, and potentially the success of your website. 

Optional Charges

Amendments to existing pages: Price Annual Charges: Price
Text changes up to 50 words 15.- Multiple domain names + link to main domain name
(each additional domain) OPTION
Adding new photos to existing layouts, price per photo 10,- Hosting and administration of domain name 96,-
Route Planner 50,- Data Data
Weather Module 50,- Data Data
Music 50,- Data Data
Multi-Lingual elements 100,-
(Price each additional language, English, German, French, Dutch possible)


Simply contact us via the contact form here. Please leave contact details and suggest a good time for us to get in touch, bearing in mind we're on Central European Time here. If you have an existing website please provide the URL, or if you have a site in mind that's similar to what you'd like to have don't hesitate to tell us about it.

Or simply call Marion on +49 6535 827 98 80 English, German and French spoken

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