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At tm-webdesign we've been working and trading online since the early 90s - i.e. since before the World Wide Web existed as anything other than an idea in preparation. During all of that time, and despite all of the great development that's occurred, we've not lost sight of our guiding principles for the small business online, which are:

  • a site has to fulfill it's purpose
  • it has to be easy to use and maintain,
  • and it has to be cost effective.

We prefer to build websites which work for you. Encoded with XHTML and CSS your website will download faster, be optimised for search engine submission and comply with current web standards. That's how we can offer you affordable, effective solutions that produce results.


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A little about us

We enjoy the challenge of creating websites. We have been making an online presence possible since the very early days, and there's simply no rule that stops us getting better with the passage of time. 


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